In response to a call deeply rooted in her personal philosophy of service, a Maryland Therapist, Ms. Adlate Adaugo Anyadike visited the Nigerian village where she was born. Mrs. Anyadike was troubled by the economic condition of the village and from that point, was determined to do something to help ease the suffering of the local residents. Her determination led to a vision to develop infrastructures for the underserved villagers in her local community of birth. Mrs. Anyadike's vision would allow the villagers to move beyond maintaining a subsistence level to becoming productive members of the local, national and world economies.

In 1999, Mrs. Anyadike along with other founding members arranged for and financed the building of the first 150 foot satellite telephone tower in he village of Uloano Imo State, Nigeria. This tower received and sent local, national and international calls from the resident of the village. The service now allows villagers to arrange for medical care, the sell of goods and services and the importation of good, services and information. One generator and multiple car batteries originally ran the tower.

Three years later, the founding members arranged for and finance the installation of a solar system to improve the ability of the satellite telephone to retain power and operate reliable and full time.

Once the organization has the funds to proceed, it will undertake the purchase and delivery of an emergency transportation vehicle/ambulance for the same village. This vehicle will allow the villagers to be transported quickly to which ever local hospital that can serve them best and therefore improve the health and lives of the villagers.

In addition, Eagle of Hope Inc have identified the need for suitable drinking water in the local villagers. With fund availability, Eagle of Hope Inc will embark on the development of infrastructure to provide clean drinking to the local villagers.